Family Reunion by, The O’JAYS

Hello, I chose this song Family Reunion by the O’jays because it was a song I’ve always listened to but never could really relate ,because I never really had one within my own family.I have been on a journey recently to find out where I come from and who my father was and his family and that journey has taken me to rochester N.Y to meet my father and siblings for the first time. I was so nervous and I had all sorts of bad ideas as to how it would go,and lets just say this song Family reunion has a whole new meaning for me now,It was simply beautiful the lyrics that stick out for me most are “I wish grandma could see the whole family i sure miss her face”.I’m learning that I’m not alone and I have family who love and care for me. If you have family reach out,make plans,take pictures and create good memories. ENJOY


This song is a timeless classic and kind of speaks for itself.but for me it explains a new chapter in my life.Letting go has always been so hard for me I dont know why but it has. The the hardest change for me this year has been loosing my mother after my efforts to save her life failed (performing CPR) was the hardest thing I ever had to do.I had to except the fact that I failed but also remind myself if god wanted her to live he would’ve saved her .Death is hard no doubt but sudden unexplained death is hell.My mother was’nt a young women but had only had minor medical issues up until the time of her death.The second loss of this year was the love of my life (not dead) just over ,and with this loss I needed to focus on what I could be gaining instead of what I’m loosing. I know there is something beautiful on the other side of this pain.Be strong and ENJOY.


I love everything about this song ,Johns raspy and sexy voice and the complete raw honesty of the lyrics.Heartbreak Warfare basically tells the story of the termoil within a relationship and how simple it is and how difficult it is.”if you want more love why dont you just say so”,so simple but yet so hard. “no one really ever wins in heartbreak warfare”you can hear the disappoitment and pain in his voice.The conflict of loving someone and having it turn into war. “i swear to god we’re gonna get it right if you lay your weapon down” Take a listen and please take Johns advice if you love someone put your pride aside. ENJOY


I decide to share this song by Prince because it speaks to my heart at this very moment,sometimes no matter how much you love someone its just not enough ,you can have the purest of attentions and its not percieved that way by the other person. I had this silly idea that love can concour all and 2020 has taught me that sometimes thats not the case. When I listen to purple rain I understand completely what I didnt understand when I was first introduced to the song. My life experiences has made this song much more relatable. “i never meant to cause you any sorry,i never meant to cause you any pain” and sometimes that is exactly what you end up doing. “its such a shame our friendship had to end”Take a listen again and maybe this time you will hear meanings you didnt hear before like i did. ENJOY

BEFORE I LET GO,by Frankie Beverly and Maze

There is just one word to describe my childhood crush and that word is COOL. I had some lustful thoughts about this man long before i was supposed to be having such thoughts i was between the age of wanting to hug boys and punch boys.Frankie Beverly is my childhood wrapped up in a album, It pretty much sums up my life as a kid because every happy momment in my household you could hear Frankie Beverly and Maze blarring in the background.When the song first begins you get caught up in the smooth sounds of the instrument working so well together and then here comes COOL.Frankie’s voice is smooth and jagged in the right spots. My favorite lyrics in the song are “you know i thank god sun rises and sets on you”can you imagine those words being said to you? yea me either. ENJOY

Champion by Kanye West

I Know that a lot of folks dont want to hear much about Kanye West these day,but this is Kanye in his pure form,Kanye with so much pride and a pure joy for music. I still listen to that Kanye because I cant deny the joy and inspiration his songs have given me.Kanye rapped about pride in his people ,Kanye rapped about the injustices of his people,and he also rapped about encouragement for the children.If i could have a conversation with Kanye I would say “did you realize that you were a CHAMPION in their eyes” I think its ironic that kanye says in this song “Lauren Hill said her heart was in Zion I wish her heart was still in rhymin ” I wish Kanyes was as well.Take a listen and you can hear the pure and raw talent of Kanye West. ENJOY

FAR AWAY,by Kindred the Family soul

This song was released in 2003 but speaks of everyday issues in 2020 its a feel good song and if you’re married,single,working class,white or black you will connect with certain elements of this song.Far away talks about crooked cops,crime and just being able to get away. Kindred the Family soul are a married couple who both have powerful voices that can stand alone equally but work so much better together ,they compliment each other and their sound is powerful and timeless.Take a listen and explore their old and new. ENJOY

Nasir Jones(Nas) Heaven.

I decided to continue with the old school today,and you cant talk about music without rap,which sometimes gets a bad wrap but rap is pure poetry and I enjoy it just as much as the other genres,I’m very open minded and if it moves me I dont care who its coming from.I decide to go with heaven by Nas because it presents you with a very valid question that i never really thought about “if heaven was a mile away would I pack up my bags and leave this world behind”Take a listen and really ponder the questions that you are presented with.ENJOY and keep a open mind.

Rocket Love by Stevie Wonder

I decided to give you something old but still very relivant in 2020.Have you ever been in love and were swept completely off of your feet. I’m talking about the kind of love that hits you like a ton of bricks.The kind of love that is perfect in every way.Now imagine your perfect love completly crashing and coming to a abrubt end,well this is rocket love and if you have ever loved a narcisist then you will relate.”you took me riding in your rocket and gave me a star and a half of mile from heaven you dropped me back down to this cold cold world”,no doubt she was a beautiful women “with looks to blow Picasso’s mind” Stevie Wonder is a true poet with a voice of a king. ENJOY

Be easy by Alice Smith

This is one of my favorites and discovered by accident. I was riding in the car with a friend(and we never agree on car tunes). I was ready to start my usual complaining and out comes this smooth and powerful voice that immediately got my attention and the song was BE EASY. The reason this song is one of my favorites because it has so many stars within the song I mean every element gets to shine. I got caught into her voice,the intruments and the lyrics all at once.Be easy is the type of song that completly takes you away for the entire length of the song its like you’re in a trance and not let go until the final note,and you will enjoy every minute. It’s the lyrics for me. It’s the voice for me. It’s the melody for me. ENJOY